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Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Me and My Bestie

:::CeritaTengahMalamMissSecretoDeAmor :::

Tonite , atie sleepover at ma house
punya excited tunggu die ptg td coz
ta sbr nk spend tyme ngn die
even always message but
lot of issue dat we need to discussed
ahaks ! ngade an . . mcm la isu negara !
wte pun aku mmg ske hangout or
had a chitchat with she . .
coz only me and her undrstnd each other
no one except my family and myb Mr H
i knew she sad
sad wit her love , but wat can i said ?
it is her choice , she want it
so she must survive , i always advised her
there is no risk if she juz follow the flow
i know it hurt , coz i've been in her shoes
long time ago and i can feel how hurt
it is , but like i told her
it is her choice ! she must face it
be strong my lil girl
i know u can be strong enough to face all
this kinda matter . . k :)

love ya always babe !
u my bestie world and hereafter !


chill up , k babe !
always be with u
here , there

2 ulasan:

~MiZz Atie ZieYa~ berkata...

hahah..tq darll..yeah!alwayz be strong coz i choose to been tru it!!!i juz hope one day ALLAH show me the way ;)

Tanpa Nama berkata... 1 lg best jugak bila baca...layan perasaan..dgn muzik sedih lak kan??hahaha

My Beloved Mak & Ba

My Beloved Mak & Ba