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Rabu, 27 April 2011

::: My First Final Paper :::

CeritaSukaSukiMissSecreto ::::

Today is ma first final paper for PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION . urm firstly i thought it must be an easy question , so it might take 1 and a half hour only ! but i am totally 100% wrong , all the question are really tough and hard ! omg . . i didn't said i cant do it . i can , furthermore i complete all the question in a right tyme ! but . . i still not satisfied ! just something wrong somewhere when i answered all the question . and i cant find the answer . ! maybe running out all the ideas at the moment thats why i think something is missing . . but then , is okay !
the paper already ended !juz pray to ALLAH . . hopefully i get a better result . .
tomorrow mak and ba will coming ! pick me up and direct fly to JB !
i cant wait to see HADIF . .

**Mr H . i really love you . . love you so much . .

Selasa, 26 April 2011

Pelik (><)

Aku pelik . . ramai betul wat entry sal SAHABAT ! ahaks , ramai lak yg cter sal masalah dalam persahabatan ! hahaha . ta sgka tol aku . . sbnarnye da bosan la cter sal sahabat . . da basi . i mean WHO CARES ? hahaha . . DID I LOOK LIKE I CARE ? actually . . my fren told me . . someone call her as a BACKSTABBER . . for me . . backstabber ni org yg tikam kita dari belakang . . nama pun BACKSTABBER . . ofcourse la he / she betrayed us . . but firstly kne tahu . . cmne die betrayed kita . . whether die rampas pakwe kte , die dah thu kte ske someone ni tapi die kebas atau maybe something else la . . tp kalo takat die cter kita kat org pasal kite dengan tujuan nk dapatkan pendapat atau nk kongsi masalah . . rsenye ta salah kowt . so ble dapat tahu kawan kite backstabber , jgn tuduh . . g tnye dan siasat . . . kadang2 , kita ta thu pe dalam hati die . . kan ? pe die nak, pe die rse . . kepada my BESTIES ::: NURAZZIANTIE , SITI SARAH DAN NUR ATIQAH . ni jawapan yg korunk mintak . aku mls nk mesej2 . . so aku terangkan kat sini . . heee ~~ bukan pe , setakat PENGALAMAN DALAM PERSAHABATAN ni . kita dah cukup arif . . mcm2 dugaan kita hadapi time skolah . . tp disebabkan tiada DENDAM mahupun BUSUK HATI , PERSAHABATAN kita KEKAL SEHINGGA SKUNK . . seyely aku bangga ngn korunk ! hahahaha . . tapi kan . . ta kesah la . . SPE NK KAWAN KTE , SPE TANAK KWN KTE , SPE NK TUDUH KTE . . TA KESAH LA , JNJI KTE NGN DIRI KTE . . igt pesanan aku k . . cewah!! hahahaha . . .

Isnin, 25 April 2011

Hope You Recover Quickly

Hey , bloggers . . today juz want to tell about my fren . . NURUL HUSNA , She had been infected by measles . . im so pity to her coz tomorrow is our first paper for final exam , she is an intelligent student so i am scared if she cant do that paper . . but me and the other frens will pray for her . . to recover quickly from measles . . thanks god coz i already suffering that disease when SPM tyme ! so , with my experienced i can give a lil bit advise to HUSNA . . and i very2 hope , she will be okay

Una , be strong okay ?

Rabu, 20 April 2011

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never -

Hey , today . got a lil bit time , so . . i went to GURNEY PLAZA with ATIQAH . . juz hangout and had a chit chat about ourself , furthermore we never met since secondary school so got lot of story we talked about . . then we had our lunch at NANDOS . . hihi , after that . . we went to cinema . . RED RIDING HOOD . .still not released yet . . so . . we dont have another choice , coz the other movie such as RIO and another cartoon movie is at 4pm . . we wanted the early movie so we chose JUSTIN BIEBER - NEVER SAY NEVER- (3D) hahaha . . . i thought , it must be boring and not exciting movie. . but i am totally 100% wrong . . hahaha . . so excited to see that movie from the begin till the end ! i feel like i wanna scream : JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!! HOOOOOO !!! : hahaha . . . but i cant , im in the cinema . .hahaha , i just shouted in my heart. . haha . . and i admire all his song . . pray , somebody to love , up . and so on .. but most favorite is NEVER SAY NEVER ! hahaha . . his way , his style , his smile . haha , i love it ! but not more than i love mr h . haha , juz me and my bestie wondering . . why all the teenager girls and kids are so fanatic with him . . they cried , they fainted , they shouted and so on when they meet him . . haha . .so weird . anyway . . Justin ! ALL THE BEST . .

to all BIEBER FANS ! dont forget to watch his movie on CINEMA !
you wont regret !!

Isnin, 18 April 2011

Whats Wrong with Us

erm as usual , i cant sleep early tonite . . so , i juz playing CAFE LIFE at Facebook without anyone accompany me . Me and Mr H always fight lately . . i sniri ta tau why . . i keep asking myself . why ? but still no answer . .what shud i do ? am i too KURANG AJAR ngn die ? or im not respect him as men ? oh ! whats wrong with me ? i want to be a good gf , and good future wife to him . but i dont think so i can . am i so degil ? am i so keras kepala ? semalam , i open his account fb . then got message , i read it . . it from her ADIK ANGKAT . . her message is so annoying me . and disturb my feeling too . . feelin so JELOUS , and SAKIT HATI . .but am i wrong to hve that feeling ? bukan sje2 nk cri gado with him . .but i juz cant accept . . her age is same with me and mr H . so why she shud call Mr H , abg ??? and shud she asked Mr H a question like this : Abg , ta rindu kte ke ? : sakit kot hati . .if me and mr h , does not have any relation . . I dont care . but Mr H , is mine ! mine BOYFRIEND . . of course la , i feel so jelousy and sakit haty ! but now . . after , fougt with him about RM50 , now another problem . . and because of this matter . . me and him keep fighting until now . . . .i miss him damn much k . . . ta nak gado ! nk cam dulu . . but hati aku dan die sme2 sakit . . we got hurt because of our own attitude !


Memory Of Titanic

Its been so long , i try to do some research about titanic . but until now i cant find the truth story coz sometime article from the internet cannot be trusted . . So . . i try to blogwalking all the blogger but still dun have anyone make this story for their entry . . im so tired . . haha ! i love this movie , as i knew . . James Cameron did this movie based on the truth story . . and i love Jack Dawson (Leonado DiCaprio ) - - Such a Handsome guy :) haha . seyesly . he's so amazing and charming ! his heroin in that film is a beautiful lady Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet ) even she is not beautiful as other actress but she really beautiful with her natural beauty . and to whoever read this entry . and if korunk de all the story about Titanic pliz do let me know . . i want to read and i want to know the exact story about that ship ! pliz . But if korunk de website or suggest some book yang know all the truth story . do let me know too !


Ahad, 17 April 2011

Sepetang Bersama Kamoo

Wow . .today im feeling so Hepi . .got a chance to see ma BESTIE . . really excited . lots of story that we talked about . . hahaha . . . and the most important thing , , she HUG me . . and really thanks GOD coz give me such a wonderful bestfriend and no one could ever replace her place . . Even we are far away , but i dont have any excuse for not keep in touch with her . . EVERYTHING about me she know . . ans same with her EVERYTHING about her , she will let me know . . we dont have any secret . . even had an argument sometime . or misunderstanding . . for me it doesnt matter kowt . coz we knew each other . . so . tkde keep2 inside . . haha . no TOUCHING2 or MASAM2 MUKA . we are PROFESIONAL PERSON . . haha . . So . . Atie . . really miss u even baru je jmpe dis evening , I just can believe when i called her and she said : DAYAH , IM GOING TO YOUR HOUSE : haha . . really excited . . even cari rumah yg die tempah kek tu smapai sesat . . MES PDRM , die g baca MASJID PDRM . .mmg la ta jmpe ! hahaha . .mmg klaka gler . but at last . . we found that house . and that cake was really nice . . really jelez with that cake . .atie . .i wanna it !!! hihihi . . . .pliz :) and then wasting our time at MCD .. thnks atie coz treat me DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER . .kalo tau nak blnje . dari umah lagi aku pk nk mkn pe . .! hahaha .
. .having a chit chat with u today , make me feel better . . thnks for all ur advise and spirit about my problem . . . hahaha .love u damn much . cant wait to meet u again dis FRIDAY . . . cant wait to see you , sara and ieka . . . !

Selasa, 12 April 2011

Saya Nak KeyChain Dari Pee Dee

Sedang aku syoq Bw . . aku pun ternmpak blog Cik Azizah nih . . Aku ni wajib bw blog die . haha .
ske baca dan komen . . sbb kebanyakkan info yg die bagi . .aku ske . .
jadi ttbe aku nmpak contest nih . aku pun join je . . .

Syarat2 sangat mudah :

1 . Buat Entry : Saya Nak KeyChain dari Pee Dee :
2. Wajib FOLLOW BLOG CIK AZIZAH dan LIKE FAN PAGE . nty update Ga Senang nak tahu.
3.letak Header ni kat entry korunk dan jangan lupa link kan .
4.Tinggalkan link entry korunk kat bawah ruangan komen . . senang Cik Azizah nak jejak entry kalian semua.
4.Tag 2 orang rakan blogger.
5.Tarikh tutup 24 April
6.Hadiah akan diupdate kemudian
7.Jom cuba ramai - ramai mana tahu akan pilih korunk . .

So , apa lagi . .
Jom la meriahkan contest nih , ,

Miss Secreto nak pilih :

Dont Worry la !

Masa aku balik dari Singapore menaiki keretapi adalah tiga orang yang duduk bersama, dua didepan aku satu kat sebelah. Yang kat depan aku ni, orang American dan disebelahnya orang Cuba. Sebelah aku pulak orang Bangladesh. Dalam perjalanan tu kami pun berborak-boraklah pasal negara sendiri...borak punya borak, tiba-tiba si American ni pun keluarkan duit dollar dia lalu dibakarnya, dikeluarkannya sebatang rokok lalu dibakarnya rokok itu dengan duit tadi, lepas tu dibuangnya duit itu keluar.

Terkejutlah semua melihat kelakuan Mat salleh tu tadi... bertanyalah si
orang Cuba tadi "Why you do that for?". Dengan selamba mat salleh tu
menjawab "Don't worry, I got a lot american dollar in my country".

Tercengganglah masing-masing. Belum habis Cuba ni pun tiba-tiba mengeluarkan sebatang curut (curut Cuba adalah antara yang termahal didunia) lalu dinyalakannya. Belum sempat beberapa sedut..terus dia membuangnya keluar tingkap..."Why you do that for" kata american tadi... "Don't worry, i got a lot cigar in my country".

Terkejutlah aku dibuatnya. Masa tu aku tengok Bangladesh tu tengah pikir apa nak dibuat pulak. Masa dia tengah fikir. Aku pun apa lagi... tangkap Bangla tu terus aku campak ke luar tingkap....belum sempat dia orang tanya lagi aku pun cakap lah...


Isnin, 11 April 2011

Someone 0r Sum Wan

Lee Sum Wan : Hello can i speak to Annie Wan

Mr Sori : Yes u could speak to me.

Lee Sum Wan: No, i want to speak to Annie Wan!

Mr Sori : You are talking to someone! Who is this?

Lee Sum Wan : Im Sum Wan. And i need to talk to Annie Wan! Its urgent.

Mr Sori : I know u are someone and u want to talk to anyone! But whats this urgent matter about?

Lee Sum Wan : Well just tell my sister Annie Wan that our brother was involved in an accident. Noe Wan got injured and now Noe wan is being sent to the hospital. Right now Avery Wan is going to the hospital.

Mr Sori : Look if no one was injured and no one was sent to the hospital from the accident that isnt an urgent matter! You may find this hilarious but i dont have time for this!!!

Lee Sum Wan : You are rude. Who are you?

Mr Sori : I’m Sori.

Lee Sum Wan : You should be sorry. Now give me your name!

Mr Sori : I’m Sori!!

Lee Sum Wan : I dont like your tone of voice Mr and i dont care, give me your name!

Mr Sori : Look lady, I told you already Im Sori! Im Sori!! Im SORI !!! you didnt even give me your name!

Lee Sum Wan : I told u before im Sum Wan! Sum Wan!!! You better be careful my father is Sum Buddy. And my uncle holds a very big position in the co. He is Noe Buddy.

Mr Sori : Oh im so scared (sarcastically). Look i dont care about ur uncle he’s a nobody. Everybody thinks his top dog and holding an important position in the company.

Lee Sum Wan : No Avery Buddy just married my aunt. And Avery Buddy doesn’t work there.

Mr Sori : Like i said i dont care which one of ur aunt screws everybody and i also know that not everybody works here! Jeez!!!

Lee Sum Wan : Wheech Wan is my sis!

Mr. Sori : I dont know which one is ur sis! Why in gods name u think i do!? Look i got work to do and if im feeling mischievious i’ll broadcast it on the P.A system saying. “Attention, someone called and said that anyones brother just got involved in an accident. But not to worry no one got injured and no one was sent to the hospital. But everyone is going to the hospital anyways. The father maybe a somebody but if u’re their uncle, u’re a nobody. “how bout that!?
Toot… .Toot… .Toot

Korunk faham tak ?? ley gelak gila aku baca bnda ni !

Rabu, 6 April 2011

10 orang yang Bertuah menjadi pilihan PS

Kadang2 aku usha jugak blog PS nih .
Entry die mostly about PUISI . .
Seyesly bagi aku sume PUISI die amat PUITIS . .
dan PUISI yg paling aku ske adalah
korunk boleh klik dan baca .
cuba korunk bagi pendapat . .
tapi blog PS bukan je pasal PUISI tapi ada jugak about
current issue ( isu semasa )
dan yang paling aku suka , blog PS amatla simple dan tenang
takde la serabut dengan banyak gadget.
kata - kata dari Puisinya memberi kesan buat diri ku . .

kepada PS ::: Hasilkan karya anda selagi anda mampu !

Selasa, 5 April 2011

Kisah Dulu

Miss Secreto Punya Citer :::

23 JUN 2010 . . aku dah de BOYFREN . . well , time tu mmg aku ada bf . . spe bf aku ? huhu . .nme bf aku time tu bermula dengan huruf Z . . spe die ? ( nthla . . ) Perkenalan aku ngn mamat tu , time aku tgh jawab final exam untuk paper kewangan kowt . . time tu die asyik mntak jawapan kat aku . . mlm tu tros aku dapat msej dari die . yg aku pelik cmne die tahu no aku . . smpai skunk aku ta thu . sperti yg aku thu , aku kenal mamat ni . . penah la aku usha2 die kat kolej . .sb slalu bertembung ngn die . die ni GOOD LOOKING la . .sb boleh dikatakn spesis BUAYA DARAT . gpon dulu die kawan dengan kawan kelas aku dan menyebabkan timbul satu isu panas . . Mulanya kami hanya kawan biasa . . Die slalu calling2 aku . . and cter hal family die kat aku . . dan aku respect die ar , even die ni spesis BUAYA DARAT tapi ta abaikan tanggungjawab die kat MAK & AYAH die . sbb die slalu jaga ayah die . . tu yg wat aku minat die sbnrnye . . Then nk abih sem 4 . die nak balik cuti sem . die mintak utk jmpe aku kejap . coz pasni nak jmpe kene tunggu masok sem baru . . aku pun g ar jmpe die . . kat dalam hostel ni gak . . then start aku balik penang . . kami still contact . then die mintak KAPEL ngn aku . . mula aku pk gak but then aku stuju . . niat aku nk ubah die . .coz aku ta nak die mainkan pompuan dan aku nk tegaskan AKU TA JATUH CINTA LNGSUNG ngan die . . tp masa aku kat PENANG , die ni mmg SWEET la jugak . kdang2 aku terpk gak . erm . ni ke Z ? haha . . kalo aku ta balas msej die , or ta contact die sehari . msty die tnye. . .then , kalo aku kuar malam . . die akan kol dan tnye ble nak balik . .mmg la SWEET tapi aku . . aku ta penah percaya die . sb aku da thu die cmne . thats why aku ta cye die langsung . . . Bila sem buka , sme2 daftar kat kolej nk troskan sem . . die berubah . . die jarang contact aku . .tp die de jugak ajak aku balik kg die . . tp aku tolak . belom msenye lagi . . last2 . diesebabkan jarang contact . aku amik keputusan untuk putus sb bg aku . . putus satu bnda yg simple . seyesly . kte taleh pkse diri kte , atau diri org utk terus stay dalam sesebuah perhubungan jadi if hubungn tu tade bawak pape manfaat atau kebaikkan bek PUTUS je . .tp aku slalu doa agar die berubah . sb aku tahu die tu takdela jahat mne . . Bila aku dengar die kapel ngn satu minah ni . aku hope die seyes . but lastly ending die putus gak ngn minah tu . minah tu slalu lahirkan prasaan ta puas hati kat wall die . now minah tu dh de bf baru . dan Z masih dengan perangai lme die . Dan sbnarnye tarikh itu adalah tarikh perkenalan aku dan Mr H dan aku bahagia dengan adanya Mr H dalam hidup aku . . . .

PS ::: Aku tahu Z takkan baca blog aku . . cuma aku nak die tahu . . sikap die perlu diubah . masih ada waktu untuk die berubah kerna aku yakin die bukan seperti yg kita semua sangka .
hargai diri anda , keluarga dan orang lain selagi masa masih ada . Jangan la jadi lelaki yang terlalu egios . Anda pasti menyesal .

Isnin, 4 April 2011

Keresahan Mula Melanda

Keresahan Mula melanda . . hahaha ! Aku pun tatau npe , ttbe topik ni jadi pilihan aku . Tade mood nk update blog sbnarnye . sb kalo aku update blog , mesty aku akan update blog yg sedih2 coz lately ni emosi aku mmg tergnggu . . so i try to combat this matter . .ahaks! gpon sok aku de MUET(SPEAKING) , blogger2 sekalian . . . .WISH ME GOOD LUCK K . .

p/s :: Hari ni aku kne USE ENGLISH . . as a practice for tomorrow . . . kawan2 . . support me !

My Beloved Mak & Ba

My Beloved Mak & Ba