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Isnin, 18 April 2011

Memory Of Titanic

Its been so long , i try to do some research about titanic . but until now i cant find the truth story coz sometime article from the internet cannot be trusted . . So . . i try to blogwalking all the blogger but still dun have anyone make this story for their entry . . im so tired . . haha ! i love this movie , as i knew . . James Cameron did this movie based on the truth story . . and i love Jack Dawson (Leonado DiCaprio ) - - Such a Handsome guy :) haha . seyesly . he's so amazing and charming ! his heroin in that film is a beautiful lady Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet ) even she is not beautiful as other actress but she really beautiful with her natural beauty . and to whoever read this entry . and if korunk de all the story about Titanic pliz do let me know . . i want to read and i want to know the exact story about that ship ! pliz . But if korunk de website or suggest some book yang know all the truth story . do let me know too !


3 ulasan:

MissSyarniFarida berkata...

try google syg, mesti ade pnye kan?
me too, love this movie, tapi part last yg nak karam tuuuu je ;P

Miss Secreto De Amor berkata...

ala . . dah cari . . . .tp kadang2 cter die berbeza . .nk cter sebetul - betul . ikotkan hati . .nk je jmpe director die . .hhihihi

Cik Azizah berkata...

citer ni terbaik!! jijah suke!! tak puas tgk sekali jer..gatai**

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My Beloved Mak & Ba