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Rabu, 27 April 2011

::: My First Final Paper :::

CeritaSukaSukiMissSecreto ::::

Today is ma first final paper for PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION . urm firstly i thought it must be an easy question , so it might take 1 and a half hour only ! but i am totally 100% wrong , all the question are really tough and hard ! omg . . i didn't said i cant do it . i can , furthermore i complete all the question in a right tyme ! but . . i still not satisfied ! just something wrong somewhere when i answered all the question . and i cant find the answer . ! maybe running out all the ideas at the moment thats why i think something is missing . . but then , is okay !
the paper already ended !juz pray to ALLAH . . hopefully i get a better result . .
tomorrow mak and ba will coming ! pick me up and direct fly to JB !
i cant wait to see HADIF . .

**Mr H . i really love you . . love you so much . .

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Miss Anis berkata...

hOpefully we can do it...n do de best 4 next paper...


gud luck...

p/s i luv u toooo ekekke terperasan :P

Miss Secreto De Amor berkata...

thnks anis . . .hihihi

thnkss to Amira too . .

My Beloved Mak & Ba

My Beloved Mak & Ba