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Sabtu, 4 Jun 2011


Seyesly , im a little bit lonely rite now .
my relationship wif Mr H not in a gud condition
idk y !
juz something is going wrong with me .
im keep angry with him even idw !
and coz i miss him damn much !
i juz need him beside me .
i feel so jelez , envy
to all couple in dis world !
bcoz they can see each other anytyme
anywhere they want !

to be far away from our lover
is the best way in ISLAM .
it can avoid us to do something
that can crosses the boundary
that islam had already set !

but sometyme , im so lonely
dunno wat to say !
i have a boyfren
but i cant meet

i jus hoping he's fine !

to Mr H : from bottom of mY Heart i really want you to be my Husband
and i hope ALLAH S.W.T will let it be .
and I am really thanks to ALLAH S.W.T . .
even i feel so lonely and sad coz we are far away
but i think ALLAH S.W.T make a good choice
bcoz there is a wisdom behind what ALLAH S.W.T decide for us

Allah , im really tengs and feel SYUKUR coz
me and him are far away .
keep away our social relationship that
can crosses all the boundary of ISLAM

insyallah :)

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Miss Anis berkata...

insyallah jika dya yg tercipta utk hg....

My Beloved Mak & Ba

My Beloved Mak & Ba