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Rabu, 2 Mac 2011


Hye , well I’m sorry for disappeared myself for a while . . I got lot of assignment to clear up. .So my target this week is to settle half of my assignment. . Today my entry is all about list of my assignment. The reason I’m listing is to avoid myself forgetful about my assignment.And I also trying to improve my English by making my entry totally 100% in English. This is because I need to practice speaking and writing for my MUET. Honestly I’m target band 5 , but sir told me to get band 5 I really need to work hard. Read lot of book , find a new words everyday and try to speak in English with everyone. Omg ! Seyesly my tongue already like KAYU , because for a long time I never use or speak in English , I didn’t said my English is good enough . . even I can understand and ability to speak in English it doesn’t mean I really good ! I just want to be more than good , so that I can fluently speak in English without any problem , or grammar mistake . . huhu ! Ok , I think I should stop talking about MUET , coz I need to focus about my assignment.

  1. E-COMMERCE ( build a website ) - still in progress
  2. PROFESIONAL COMMUNICATION ( resume , application letter , memo , agenda ) - almost done .
  3. HUBUNGAN INDUSTRI ( individually ) - still ZeRO !

** I already forgave Mr H . . And everything is back to normal . . Normal ? or Abnormal ? huhu , i dont know . . but hopefully , there is no fight , misunderstand or anything else after this !

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My Beloved Mak & Ba

My Beloved Mak & Ba